Lytton & Family
Lytton Patrick D Brown was born in Toronto, Canada in 1981. He was educated at several schools inlcuding; Bennington Heights & Scarborough Christian Academy. For middle school, Lytton attended Calvert School in Baltimore. High school was completed privately at his residence. He also studied foreign language at the Victor Ebner Institute in Geneva, classical piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto and climate & English literature at Oxford.

His Excellency enjoys volunteering in the following ways: museums, research, caregiving, helping the less fortunate, children, animals, environmental issues, cultural awareness, homemaking, weather observing & royal events.

Lytton has travelled across: Canada, the United States, the Bahamas, United Kingdom & Europe. In 2002 met Queen Elizabeth II, followed by the Duke of York in 2003 & the Earl & Countess of Wessex in 2005. In 2011 attended his first royal wedding. In 2012 Lytton attended his first Olympic Games, followed in 2014 with the Commonwealth Games & Pan American Games in 2015. In 2015 met the Queen of the Netherlands & in 2016 the Crown Prince & Princess of Norway.

In 2001, founded an internet club for fans of the PCC streetcar along with a website. In addition, created a website for another interest, towers. In 2009 became interested in birds through Project Feederwatch & joined the Japan Foundation's art gallery. He founded the Queen's portrait campaign & held his first school assembly & exhibition in 2012 for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. In 2015 & 2016, created school units on Japan, Belgium, Norway, Liechtenstein, Denmark & the UK. Presently working on units & an assembly for Canada's 150th in 2017. Also plans launch a unit & assembly on the Commonwealth Realms 2018.

Lytton is interested in : classical music, figure skating, the Olympic Games, travel, transit, towers, cats, collecting, monarchy and Simpson's department store. His favourite music includes: The Swan from Carnival of the Animals, Swan Lake, Lakmé, Meditation, Schubert's Serenade and Nocturne by Chopin. 

Favourite artists include: Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Chopin, Strauss, Vivaldi, Saint Saens, Delius, Pachelbel, Debussy, Elgar, Mendelssohn, Massenet, Tchaikovsky, Fauré, Lehar, Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Dvorak, Berlioz, Liszt, Puccini, Schumann, Delibes, von Weber, Satie, Handel & Bach.

His other favourites include : Oksana Baiul, Surya Bonaly, Irina Slutskaya, Mao Asada, Dame Edna & Kathy Staff, to name but a few. Favourite television shows include : Mr. Bean, Coronation Street, I Love Lucy, Are You Being Served? Heartbeat, Midsomer Murders, Last of the Summer Wine, periods drama, plus animated cartoons and most other British comedy and drama.

Other family members


Diane Elizabeth Brown was born in East York, Toronto, Canada. She was an only child born at home in the same house she resides in to this day. 

Diane attended public school in East York, followed by St. Mildred's Private School. For high school, she attended East York and Danforth Tecnical. Thereafter went on to many years at university, including : the University of Toronto, Richmond College, Waterloo & John Westley White.

After finishing her education, commenced work as a teacher in high schools. She married John Brown and had her only child, Lytton, in 1981; John died before Lytton was born in a car crash.

She raised Lytton at home with her mother and went back to teaching when her son began grade school. Since 1989, Diane has been teaching kindergarten in Leaside, East York.

Diane is interested in : baseball, hockey, figure skating, reading, gardening, travel & the Olympic Games. She is a dedicated follower of : Kurt Browning, Donny Osmond, Patty Duke, Hayley Mills, Ricky Nelson, the Lennon Sisters and Coronation Street.

She has travelled across : Canada, the United States, Bahamas, the United Kingdom & Europe.


Vina Elizabeth Durward-Litton-Ross Brown was born in East York, Toronto, Canada in 1923. Vina was born into a house with three sisters and was looked after by her father. In 1930, her father William died, her mother sold their property and moved to a farm in Scarborough raising chicken, rabbits & mink.

Vina was educated at Scarborough Collegiate, now R.H. King Academy, took university courses in Toronto and Montessori in London, England.

She received the winning award at the Canadian National Exhibition's beautiful baby contest and also the won the John Inglis beauty contest in the 1940's whilst working at his factory during WWII. Vina married Harry Brown and moved to Pettawawa where he was stationed in the army.

In 1949, they had a baby Diane in the new residence located in, East York. When Diane commenced grade school, Vina opened Kiddy Korner Nursery School in the residence, the first nursery school in Toronto at that time. The family bought the property next door to reside, during this period. 

Vina & Harry seperated in the 1970's, she bought a third property in the Don Mills & Bayview area of Toronto, however, soon after she lost the property and the school closed.

Grandson Lytton was born in 1981 and Vina had a new purpose, raising and later teaching him from home. It was Vina that introduced Lytton to many things such as piano, education, culture and travel. She maintained a keen interest in his development through the 1990's. 

She is a member of the Monarchist League of Canada and supports the Canadian Cancer Scocity, Princess Margaret Hospital and the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Her interests include : travel, monarchy, British television, Coronation Street, reading, collecting, antique dolls, and filling a library of thousands of books. She adores : Deanna Durbin, Shirley Temple, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Charlotte Church, Liberache, Barbara Ann Scott & Betty Boop.

Vina has travelled across : Canada, the United States, the Bahamas, & Europe. She has lived in Toronto, Canada, London, England & Aberdeen Scotland.

On the 13of August  2006, Vina Elizabeth died of colon cancer, her spirit remains with us.

Great Grandmother

Sarah Jane Murphy Durward-Litton-Ross was born in Horwich, England in 1984. She had several brothers & sisters. She trained as a nurse in the first world war where she served and met her husband William David Durward-Litton Ross. They married and moved to Canada.

She had five children, four girls and one boy, he died as a baby. Sarah had to work outside and inside the home living in East York till William died from a war related illness in 1930. 
The family moved to a farm in Scarborough after this time.

In the 1930's Sarah and her children moved to Scotland, but moved back to Canada as it was a much better place to live at the time. Sarah worked looking after her family and the farm, however, by the next war, all her children were of age, thus she took employment in a factory, building arms. After the war was over the government took the farm and Sarah lived on her own in an apartment. She died in 1961 from cancer.

Great Grandfather

William David Durward-Litton Ross was born in Tuttington, England in 1895. His mothersoon died and shortly thereafter, his father left William in the care of his aunt who brought him to Canada. She changed his name to Ross and he grew up in Canada, living next door to the actress Mary Pickford. William went back to England in the war and wed  Sarah Jane Murphy. Only at this time did he find out his real name. They moved back to Toronto in the East York area and had five children. The last name of Ross was kept, however he had the right to use Durward-Litton. 

William died in Toronto in 1930 from a war realted illness.

Great Great Grandmother

Mary Elizabeth Jepson was born in Cheshire, England in 1858. She married Hugh Murphy in 1894 in Eccles, England. Mary had a daughter Sarah in 1894 and died in Horwich in 1916.

Great Great Grandfather

Hugh Murphy was born in Salford, England in 1887. He married Mary Elizabeth Jepson in 1884, had one daughter and died in Horwich in 1917.

Great Great Grandmother

Marjorie Petrie Durward-Litton was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1864. She became a nurse and married in London one James David Durward of the Durban Diamond Mine fortune in South Africa. Thereafter moving to South Africa, Marjorie said she was expecting a baby, James said he was so excited he would ride his horse even if it killed him, and it actually did.

After James died and the baby was born, Marjorie moved back to the United Kingdom, as Durward's mother would not let Marjorie have any part of the mine. She then married again, some time later to William Alfred Litton, a branch of the noble Litton's of Knebworth. They married in St. George's Hanover Square London in 1894, had several more children and moved to Aberdeen, Scotland.

Marjorie died in Aberdeen in 1903.

Great Great Grandfather

James David Durward was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1864. His family moved to Durban South Africa and started the Durban Diamond Mine. In 1887, he met and married a nurse, Marjorie Petrie and died, when he found out she was expecting a baby the very same year. 

Great Great Grandfather (2nd husband)

William Alfred Litton was born in St. George Hanover Square, London, England in 1852.

He was brought up in a noble family, a branch of the Litton's of Knebworth. He married Marjorie Durward in London in 1894. They had several children and moved to Aberdeen, Scotland. After Marjorie died in 1903 he moved back to London. William died in there in 1912.

Great Great Great Grandfather

John Litton was born in St. George Hanover Square, London, England in 1811. He married Mary Ann Tattersall in St. George's Hanover Square, London. Had many children and died in St. George Hanover Square, London in 1882.





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