Prince's Council for Cultural Preservation

The council was formed in 1998 by H.S.H. Prince Dennis Wilhelm von Blücher und Wahlstatt, great great grandson of H.S.H. Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Fürst von Wahlstatt who fought alongside the Duke of Wellington in the Battles of Nations & Waterloo.

The seat of the council is in Palm Springs, California and activities are carried out by members who are appointed ambassadors by the prince.

The council's mandate is to encourage the preservation of cultural traditions and customs by visiting heritage sites, assisting at charities and events, attending concerts, gallery openings or other cultural events raising their profile and to provide continued support through memberships, donations or voluntry assistance. After an initial visit is undertaken by an ambassador a relationship between the council and the organisation is formed with the ambassador kept informed of all news, events and future plans of the organisations or institutions.