​Visit to Montréal from 20-29 August, 2018

2:30 depart by coach
8:30 Arrive in Montréal
9:00 Travel by metro to Angus
9:30 Arrive at flat

11:30 Travel by bus to Maisonneuve
11:45 Visit Chateau Dufrense for it's 100th anniversary
​  1:45 Travel metro to centre-ville
  2:15 Afternoon tea, Queen Elizabeth Hotel
  6:00 Return to flat

11:30 Travel by bus to Maisonneuve
12:00 Tour Tea Garden & Life in Japan exhibit, Japanese Garden
  1:00 Attend Hiroshima, Legacy of Life & view Bonsai Society Demonstrations
  2:00 Attend Butterfly Fiesta, Insectarium
  3:00 Tour Ming Garden & send a message of hope, Chinese Garden 
  4:30 View Indigenous Cinema, First Nations Garden  
  6:00 Vote les Exceptionnelles Competition, Garden of Innovations
  7:00 Return to flat

12:00 Travel by metro to old port
  1:30 Attend World Cup Championship of Triathlon
  3:30 Travel by metro to Mont Royal
  4:00 Attend Concert by a French organist, St. Josephs Oratory
  8:00 Return to flat

11:00 Travel metro to centre-ville
11:30 Attend Montréal Storefronts exhibit, McGill College Avenue
12:15 Attend Balenciaga, Master of Couture & Marisa Portolese, McCord Museum
  7:00 Return to flat

10:00 Travel by metro to centre-ville
11:00 Visit the Port Tower
12:00 View exhibit for the 200th anniversary of the Bank de Montréal
  1:30 Attend Expo 67 Exhibition, Centre de histoire 
​  5:00 Depart by coach