Virtual Visit to New Zealand from 6 to 26 February, 2023

7th : Watch film on New Zealand & receive gifts.

8th : Visit Albert Park, Auckland & learn update on flood situation.

9th : Visit Western Springs Park & Fukuoka Garden, Auckland.

10th : Visit Museum of Transport, Auckland.

11th : Visit Museum of Transport, Auckland.

14th : Visit Botanic Gardens, Auckland.

15th : Visit Botanic Gardens, Auckland.

19th : Attend Service for Queen Elizabeth II, Auckland.

21st : Travel by train to Wellington.

24th : View Postbox Row, Wellington.

28th : Ride Wellington Cable Car.


1st : Ride Metrobus system & learn of double decker buses, Wellington.

2nd : Visit Queen Elizabeth Park & Tramway Museum, Wellington.

3rd : Visit Queen Elizabeth Trust, Wellington.

6th : Travel by train to Nelson.

7th Visit Queen Elizabeth Nature Reserve, Nelson.

8th : Visit Willowbank Wildlife Centre, Christchurch.

9th : Ride Historic Tram, Christchurch.

11th : Visit Travis Wetlands, Christchurch.

12th : Attend service for HM Queen Elizabeth II.

14th : View Penguins.